Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fishy Fish, Hi De Hi and One Beautiful Ocean.

Just a quick one this morning - we are staying at the Days Inn, and I REALLY have to check out already! But just to let you know, we should be reaching Cocoa Beach tonight, Zach's doing a long one today, it is Saturday after all! We are so excited to be here, we used to live in the Orlando area, and are going to travel back to our old town to go to church tomorrow, and see all of our friends in the Longwood Ward. We cannot wait!!

Working in the Primary there with some of the most amazing children I have ever met was a really incredible experience, and even I think helped me really to be more on board for this project - knowing that it was children just like that who now needed help in Haiti. I know if it was THOSE children who needed a medical center, I wouldn't stop until they had everything they could want, so just because these children are on foreign shores, it really shouldn't make a difference to me. I think of my first week in primary when we did a question and answer time about where I was from - and after me showing them where it was on the map and explaining what my country was called, a little hand poked up, and said as boldly as possible "Well, that's great, but have you ever actually SEEN a whale?" You have to love it!

We are back to the sweltering heat - but it only matches the warmth of the people (awww), but I really mean that, we love the people here, and hope that things will only get better and better from this point on. I finally bought a pair of shorts yesterday, very much a necessity - from Motherhood Maternity- in my condition, sadly you just cant get things anywhere... and it was lovely to wear them in the evening and not feel like I had thermals on in August. You will also be pleased to know that my hands and feet are only a tiny bit swollen, which I am told is excellent considering the heat, and the fact that I spend 70% of my life these days in the car! But its for an excellent cause. I am so proud of Zach for his effort and vision. He is an incredible man (and I can say that without being embarrassed, he's always way too tired to read my blog... lol).

We spent an hour on Daytona Beach yesterday, we were hoping to meet with a journalist who had to reschedule in the end. However, Zach was on the Ormond Beach Radio on Thursday too, which was really exciting, any press is good press as they say.

Ocean Crest Motel

We stayed in Ormond Beach on Thursday night at the Ocean Crest Motel. It was an interesting experience... it was the least expensive, only motel with Internet for 30 miles, and was kind of like going back in time - I half expected someone with a clipboard to knock on the door at 6am and shout HI - DE - HI NEIGHBOUR.., but what was really spectacular about it was the view. True, it was from the parking lot and not from the window.. lol but it was spectacular none the less. The beach in Ormond was so beautiful - only a shame Zach barely got to paddle, and then it was off again. We did, on the way out to find something to eat, have a crazy idea that he was going to go full on swimming, just for ten minutes, and called me a wimp all the way down to the beach because I said I didn't want to get wet passed my knees. When he got down the beach however, it was a different story - being from Britain, I know what its like to swim in the Atlantic... lets just say, so does Zach now... Sorry babe, but air temperature and sea temperature on this side of the US are two VERY different things.... He is so adorable!

Colder than it looks...

I ate flounder for the first time last night - it was the cheapest, healthiest thing on the menu... and I didn't really like it, because I said it was a bit "fishy". Zach thought that was hilarious... "well, it is FISH, you know" was his response. I also found it hard to enjoy... after all, it was Ariel's child hood friend...
(it didn't quite look like that on the plate...)

Right well, I have to run, check out is rapidly approaching - but before I forget, thank you so much to all of you that have donated so far, and to those of you who are still considering it - please, please do it, even five dollars will make so much difference.

p.s. - Zach did point out to me that my blog is ALWAYS full of typos... so if you find any feel free to comment, and I am sorry, but I am almost ALWAYS in a rush... :)



  1. Go Sarah and Zach! We miss you guys!

  2. It was so wonderful to see you both! You look terrific! Even if Sarah thinks she's too big to say so right now. Soon you'll see it's all well worth it.

    Thanks for stopping by and hope you see the end of the journey soon. I'll be checking your blog to see what has happened.

    Love you very much, stay in touch.

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