Wednesday, May 5, 2010

500 Miles, Sandy Gnats, Pinching, Golf and a really lovely Weather man.

Ahhhhh its been so long since I last updated this thing - I wish I could just connect the blog to my brain and be done with it. Come on Mr Gates, work your magic.

In the mean time I shall type my ideas... WOW so 2 weeks left to go - we are almost at 600 miles. Zach's out there right now being eaten alive by the bugs here in Georgia, I think it will do him good - should toughen him up a bit. The critter that's eating him for lunch is none other than the illustrious Georgian "Sand Gnat" - they look something similar to this:

(though the Gnat is brown in real-life color - Zach tells me this picture is to scale...)

Well I wrote that 2 days ago and promptly fell asleep. So I apologise for taking so long. Since I last made an entry, Zach has been a very busy bee indeed. We went through Pinehurst, which for those of you non Golfers is where the World Golf Hall of Fame was originally situated, and has since been moved to St. Augustine, but was founded by Zach's Grandpa, Don C. Collett - who might I add, we love very, very much.
Any who, Zach had some old photos, and memorabilia for them, so we went and presented it to the Club's president, Don Sweeting. It was an AWESOME place, and a really fun experience, sadly, I was not well at all and we didn't stay too long. Just as well, I think Zach would have liked to played just the one round... :)

Zach and Don at the Putter Boy Statue

Zach also reached his 500 mile mark in Savannah, Georgia. A momentous occasion for him I think. So proud of him, he's a real trooper (DONATE NOW.. :))

ALSO - as many of you know, Duke Basketball team have so kindly donated a Ball and Shirt signed by Coach K and the team for us to auction off to raise more money - so check out Zach's blog for more info - or email us at

Gorgeous ay? Be the best dad ever this

Zach had a great time going to see the Duke's Center court too, not a small space. I have to say, it was a little scary standing on a table in my condition trying to take a photograph of him... lol. So donate a dollar, just for my bravery.

I am only 5'2 on a good day.

Well things have been going great so far, last night we stayed at the Holiday Inn, in Jacksonville, Fl (I know - Florida already!?) and it s a seriously lovely hotel. Not only was the room one of the nicest so far but the breakfast was actually so wonderful... after the Quality Inn, in Darien yesterday (not a bad hotel, quite nice really except to them for some reason a continental Breakfast is tinned Pineapple and Bagels - not sure if any one who works there has ever actually been "on the continent...") The holiday Inn had hot biscuits, sausage, scrambled eggs, great yogurt selection, cereal, and just every good complimentary thing you could think of. So thanks Holiday Inn - you're the best - Oh and your towels are lovely and soft too.. mmmm.

Really excited to be back in Florida now though, we are going to our old Ward in Longwood on Sunday which should be a blast from the past - lots of lovely people to miss there, it will be so good to see them. 

Oh my goodness I almost forgot to tell you! Zach was on the news!!! Ok well technically it was the six o'clock weather, but for a first timer he did so good! It was wonderful how it happened, we were at the Georgia State capital, in Columbia taking photographs for Zachary's blog, and we noticed that across the street there was an ABC Columbia studio.. what the heck we thought, so we went and knocked on the door. We asked if they were interested in a story - and they were like, actually, we are doing the weather live from here today, so if you like, you can hang around, and at six you can go on live with the lovely Reg Taylor, the weather guy! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!  

Here he is with Reg!

Ok well down to the serious aspect now, I know that most of you know exactly what this is for, but until this week, I have to say, I really didn't understand what this money would really mean, and to who it would really mean something.

I came across this picture yesterday, and I guess because I am having my own baby, it really touched my heart, there are so many little babies and children that need our help, they cannot help themselves. 80% of the amputees in Haiti are the age of our Youth and Primary children, under 18 years old.

They are just kids. I guess I this trip has really made me realise that I have so, so much, and my baby will be so blessed, even as far as the land its born in, and the medical and general care that will be available to it. We are so blessed.

Ok well I really have to run, I was supposed to check out half an hour ago! More to come... something with the Magic Orlando team in the pipeline, and Zach will be updating his blog tonight.

Keep in touch with me on facebook - Sarah Louise Elliott Collett, and if you have any questions or any comments or ideas, you can always email me at!

And remember - I believe it was Spencer W. Kimball who said (and I paraphrase... alot) It really isnt charity if you dont feel the pinch.

See some of you very soon!


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  1. Thanks for the update Sarah! I love hearing about how it's going out there!