Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Already?!

Well here we are, Tuesday morning already! Time is just screeching past, I just can’t believe how fast it's going. Zach FINALLY updated his blog - go to www.lengthenyourstride.org and check that out. (Why don't click the donate button while you’re there... :))
Friday was an incredible day - you'll see from Zach's blog that we had a seriously trek changing experience. We went to see Dr David Lawrence, a physical therapist/gait specialist and co-founder of the Physicians for Peace run Walking Free program. It’s hard to put into words the difference it made to my dedication to the project. I had no idea what the real need in Haiti is. 80-90 % of the amputees there are estimated to be less than 18 years old. Dr Lawrence also told us that if a prosthetic isn’t refitted as the child grows; it can cause malformation of the spine and other limbs and do more damage than good. I know Zach mentioned in his blog about a man named Robert, a double bilateral amputee, who now, thanks to the care he's received here in the US says that his life is better than ever. Seeing him living an extraordinary life after his accident really brought to the front of my mind just what the people in Haiti are missing out on, and how their lives could be so much improved with our help.

Zach is working SO HARD! I knew I'd married a champ on my wedding day, but I really didn’t realize how dedicated he is to this. He wants so much to make a difference to the people of Haiti; gratitude really is a fantastic motivator and a call of destiny.

So - Zach got a bicycle donated... which is lucky because Saturday was deemed Bicycle day from the beginning, and so far he was going to have to find a trike off Craig’s list. Still, as usual, the Lord provided a way, and fortuned smiled on him in the form of Revolution Cycles and the lovely Joe Paper.

Zach and Joe

Zach reached 100 Miles Friday when he reached the Virginia State Capitol Building. And you know him, any excuse for a pose...

The Hundred Mile Man

Also, possibly the funniest thing about Friday was Zachs ice bath... He finally let me document it, This is him, in the Best Western, (a really fabulous place by the way) and if you want to see the video check out his blog... the best I can do is pictures though... Aww go on, donate.

Saturday was also excellent, thanks to Scott Doxey. It was lovely to get to know him better, and we were so grateful for his support. Zach (though wonderful at everything he tries - yes he's one of those people) is hardly what you'd call an experienced roadster... having Scott there was such a blessing for the first day of biking. It was almost as useful as the padded shorts Zach tells me...

Zachs first time in Spandex - Lets hope it wont be the last...

Sunday we went back to Buena Vista, we still had to finish up packing our apartment, which is always a fun task... we basically moved the mess from the apartment to the storage locker... I guess we can always move in there when we get back... maybe not. It went well though, and we both loved being back "home". It was so strange, until I left I never thought of BV as home, but over the past months with my Mom2Mom friends, and the loveliest ladies in our ward, I have come to think of it s a home away from home without even knowing it. I guess in the words of Pumba, "Home is where the rump rests"... or was that Timone? Never mind.

Monday was slightly more annoying than interesting, I know we have a tendency to sugar coat these trialing experiences but Monday was still a little tart, even with all the pure cane you can imagine. As Zach was planning to ride 100 miles on Saturday but caved to the saddle-sore after 50, he decided to make up some time by riding his bike Monday too - but instead, after 20 miles, he got 2 flat tires and had to call it a day. Still, ever the trooper, he carried on walking, and tried to make up some time.

Today, even though its only 9:30, Zach's been walking since sun up, I think I might get him a sleeping bag so he can just sleep where he stops and then go on in the morning... hmm maybe not - I don’t think he'd be too fond of washing his hair in McDonalds.

Well, you'll be pleased to know the one blister has now become no blisters and Adidas have triumphed again. It appears however that socks are no respecters of cause, and since we left Buena Vista for the second time we have lost no less than 5 socks, mainly the right of each pair Zach says. I told him to buy ALL the same pairs just incase... he never listens... :) Still, even if the colors don’t match, they still do the same job.

We should be reaching Raleigh tomorrow, can’t wait, I hear there's a Cheesecake Factory not too far from the area. Things it seems are looking up.

Zach's mother is from NC so we are planning to see some of his family tonight - my first time meeting them, I really cant wait, its only a shame the first time they meet me I have to resemble a watermelon with legs... No matter. As with most things we do, its for a good cause.

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  1. Yeah! Thanks for the update! We love hearing about it. You are an amazing wife Sarah! Such a great supporter!

  2. Sarah, you are the most beautiful watermelon on legs that ever existed!
    I love the update; keep them coming.

  3. It's Pumba :) And it was good to have you home for a day! Good luck to both of you!

  4. Sarah,
    You are beautiful! Loved reading about your latest adventures!