Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 4 - Bring on the blisters

Day 4

Dropped Zach off where he finished up yesterday at 7am, then thanks to the good people at Days Inn, I went back to bed - they let me check out late... 1pm to be exact - probably saved my life... it just wont do to get sleepy at the wheel... again. Why can't they make caffine for pregnant women?

Zach got his first blister today... in wales we have a saying - "you don't know you're born". Work it out.

yes its that mini tiny thing that you can barely see adjacent to his second toe...

Lunch was excellent today - FOUND A CHIPOTLE... why cant they be an official sponsor? Hmm wish I'd thought of that. Pork Salad makes everyone smile... well it made me smile. I think the turnip liked it too (thats what we call the unborn child by the way...) The Best Western didnt hurt either which is where we are staying tonight, they let me check in early so I came up to my room to eat lunch. 10 minutes of the Tyra Show and a Pork Salad and man, I am a different person. I feel like the queen... I know, I know, I'm from a village. The Best Western gave us a huge discount, which made this place cheaper than Motel 8. The carpet makes me feel like eating chocolate limes... mmmm. 

I am still super tired today and you'll be outraged no doubt at the fact that I deleted the photographs of me from this morning... it was not for human eyes. I may need to get a job someday after this project and those snaps were the kind of thing you think are forgotten but then some how find their way back. DELETED.

We had a little drama this morning, Zach decided to bring my GPS in from the car last night, because and I quote "some guys were looking at me funny..." but then he couldnt remember where he put it. Soooo we spent no less than 42 minutes searching for it this morning, he checked the car because he recalled "putting it in a bag of some kind..." so no clue there, and I sat there, I am sad to say getting more furious by the second - poor guy... in the end. I got so sick of sitting there, I had to ask the cleaner to let us back into our checked out room, and I searched the bin (trash). the Bathroom, the draws, every where - and nothing. In desperation, I shook out the bed clothes only to find it there, just sitting under the covers. It was at that point I decided not to ask...

ANYWAY... if thats the sum of the drama then I'm feeling pretty blessed today.

Zach made huge leaps and bounds today, he walked 28 miles, his furthest in one day yet. I am so proud of him, he even ate his fruit - he's growing up! Poor thing, after 28 miles I went to get him, to find him hobbling down route 1... what a little trooper. Oh and FYI - his Farmers tan is really coming along nicely...

Really looking forward to tomorrow - before Zach starts walking, the co founder of Physicians for Peace has invited us to his hospital here in Richmond where he treats amputees here in America. I think it will be very inspiring for us, just the motivation we need.

So to sum up:

Total Miles Walked: 80
Number of Blisters: 1 (ooo look out, it starts)
Number of Socks Worn: 14 (Dont look at me, I always wear sandals...)



  1. Go Zach! Go Sarah! We are loving the blog and reading about all your fun adventures!

    -Rob, Kiley, and Ella

  2. Sarah - this is hilarious! If I need a good belly laugh I'm going to read this each day! You are so great! :) Tell Zach to keep up on his blog... I keep checking for updates and he must fall asleep before he even hits the pillow each night! Love you!

  3. Thank-you, Sarah, for blogging. Maybe yours should be the official blog, since Zach is walking and not blogging.
    I love your humor; I hope it lasts till Miami ...
    Much love.

  4. Sarah, we've never met but I'm Zach's cousin. I love that you're keeping a blog of his walk, i'll put a link to it on my blog. By the way, you are too funny, i love it. Give Zach my love!